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Two out of every three guide dogs wouldn't be here without generous people leaving gifts in their Wills. Gifts like these help other visually impaired people like Lynette get more out of their life. Request a free information pack and DVD to find out more.

Lynette's Story

Lynette Proctor and her guide dog PippaLynette was only 19 years old when her sight suddenly deteriorated - she was forced to leave university and move back home. Reliant on friends and family to help her get around, she felt pressured in busy places and was in danger of walking into things. She had no confidence to leave the house on her own and only ever made trips to the local shop with her mother.

"I was treating each day as if it were a chore that took so much effort to accomplish. I had no dreams or goals past going to bed each night. I was alive but I certainly wasn't living." said Lynette.

It all changed when she was matched with Pippa - she's now returned to university to study Leadership and Management and enjoys a full life - meeting friends for lunch, going swimming and working in a part-time job at her local doctor's surgery. It's thanks to gifts in Wills that Lynette has Pippa. It's thanks to gifts in Wills that Lynette has the freedom to live every day to the full.

She continued: "Before I got Pippa I was struggling just to walk to the shops. I didn't have any confidence. Now I'm able to do what I want, when I want to do it. I'm finishing my degree, doing a part-time job... and my friends can be my friends, not my carers."

                                                                                           - Lynette Proctor

2 Out Of 3 Guide Dogs wouldn't be here without Gifts in Wills

Request a free information pack and DVD to find out more.

Mum wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the great pleasure of being able to see.

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