Diane's story

Guide dog owner Diane and her guide dog Thomas, sat on a bus.Diane Marks, guide dog owner, fundraising group organiser and speaker for Guide Dogs, has volunteered at our Reception Day events for two years now and tells us why she felt it was so important: “Thomas has been a godsend. Without him I couldn’t be as active as I am, volunteering, rambling and playing blind cricket."

Diane loves telling people about the amazing difference Thomas makes to her life and why their support is so important. This is why she’s been speaking at our Reception Days, which we run to inspire supporters to consider leaving a gift in their Will to Guide Dogs. As two out of three guide dogs are made possible thanks to gifts in Wills, it’s a vital source of funding.

Along with a puppy walker and trainer, Diane shares her story with supporters, getting right to the heart of the matter: “I want people to realise that their gift could make a real difference. Thomas is invaluable to me as a working dog and a friend. Without people leaving gifts in Wills, I wouldn’t have my wonderful guide dog.”

Reception Days – you’re invited!
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