Be a Life Changer and help us change more lives like Andrea’s…

Andrea and guide dog CaraGifts in Wills are vital to creating our life-changing guide dog partnerships. Partnerships like that of Andrea and Cara.

Andrea qualified with her guide dog Cara at the age of just 15. Since then Andrea’s been on an amazing journey with Cara – living her life to the full and seizing every opportunity that’s thrown at her. She says, “Cara changed everything and has made it possible to be where I am today.”

We caught up with her to find out how she’s doing. After finishing her Politics and Sociology degree, Andrea was excited to tell us that she’d been accepted onto an NHS Resource Management graduate scheme, “it’s what my brothers and sisters call me joining the real world!”

Andrea’s also been working with Guide Dogs in her spare time, giving talks in her local community. When we spoke to her she’d just completed a Speaker Training course. Andrea explains “Volunteering is something I really want to get involved in - it’s just such a worthwhile cause.”

Andrea, Cara and other bridesmaids at Andrea's sisters weddingGuide dog Cara has been with Andrea every step of the way and is now an integral part of the family. So much so, that she was given the role of ring bearer at Andrea’s sister’s wedding! Andrea told us “My sister and the whole family are very aware of how much she’s improved my life. I think in one of the first publications with Guide Dogs I was quoted as saying 'She’s my loyal companion and friend’ and I would definitely stick by that."

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Guide dog Cara