Christine's Story

Mum wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the great pleasure of being able to see.

Yvonne Casciani was a passionate supporter of Guide Dogs in her lifetime, and her daughter Christine Pye shares her opinion that it is just as important to give back as to enjoy what life hands you. “We both felt very strongly that one of the greatest gifts we have is sight,” says Christine. “I live on the South coast, which is such a beautiful part of the world where I get to look out at the sea and enjoy watching the sun rise and set almost every day.”

As a way of continuing to support Guide Dogs, Yvonne left a gift in her Will, moving Christine to raise money and name a guide dog puppy in her memory. “We named the first dog that Mum’s legacy had partly funded – a beautiful German shepherd – Rex. Meeting him for the first time was such an emotional experience.”

Following her mother’s inspirational example, Christine is also leaving a gift in her Will to Guide Dogs. “I’m so happy to think that at some point in the future my money will go towards some lovely dogs who will go on to become someone’s eyes.”

It is thanks to generous forward-thinking people like Christine and Yvonne that Guide Dogs can transform the lives of thousands of people with sight loss so that they are able to enjoy the same independence and opportunities as everyone else.

Name a puppy through a gift in your Will

If you would like to name a puppy through a gift in your Will please contact the Gifts in Wills Team on 0800 953 0113.

Alternatively you can find out more about puppy walking on our website.