Meet our legacy pup John!

Puppy walker Jack with guide dog pup John

Puppy walker Jack with guide dog pup John

Puppy walking is a crucial part of Guide Dogs' work and plays a vital role in the early socialisation and education of our guide dogs. Jack Visser, who works in the Gifts in Wills Team at Guide Dogs, is also a dedicated volunteer puppy walker.

Jack started puppy walking John on 3 October 2013, when John was only 6.5 weeks old.



John is a very special pup, not only because he will hopefully change someone’s life but because he was named through a gift in a Will.

As you can imagine, we were all surprised and excited to find out that John was a legacy pup in more ways than one! It’s been an amazing journey so far and one that we all wanted to share with you.

We caught up with Jack to hear his experience of puppy walking so far.

Why did you decide to apply to be a puppy walker?

Like most people, I find it hard to resist the charm of a cute puppy and so the opportunity to be a part of the guide dog journey and train one of these amazing little creatures was just too good to miss. My wife thought so too!

Name a puppy through a gift in your Will

If you would like to name a puppy through a gift in your Will please contact the Gifts in Wills Team on 0800 953 0113.

Alternatively you can find out more about puppy walking on our website.


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Lynette and guide dog Pippa

Lynette Proctor with guidedog Pippa

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