Joel's precious moments

Joel Young, his daughter and guide dog AtkinsCan you close your eyes for ten seconds and imagine the sweet, pure smell of a new born baby. Can you close your eyes for ten seconds and perfectly picture a new born baby’s bright, twinkly eyes, cute button nose and pink delicate lips. Can you close your eyes for ten seconds and picture a new born baby’s subtle, but precious smile.

Joel Young is visually impaired, and when his daughter was born, he did exactly this, he held her close, smelt her hair and held her hand. Joel is thankful that, because of his guide dog Atkins, he’ll be able to be a proper dad to her as she grows up.

Just because Joel is visually impaired, normal things don’t have to stop.

"Every day I look forward to taking my daughter out for walks. With her tucked up in her baby carrier, I know that Atkins will guide me safely, allowing me to get out and about with my daughter independently."

                                                                                                - Joel Young

Two out of three guide dogs like Atkins are made possible thanks to gifts in Wills. So it is largely thanks to the generosity of our supporters who have left a gift in their Will to Guide Dogs that we can continue to transform the lives of so many people who are blind or partially sighted like Joel.