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Module 2 - How do other people see the world?

2.1 Lesson plan and activity sheet

How the eye works

This activity is all about your eye and how it works.

The colour of your eye’s iris doesn’t affect the way you see.

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey

Let’s see what’s inside your eye


Drag the slider to see
how light effects the pupil

Look up Look forward Look down




to the brain


  • 1

    We need light to see. Light reflects off an object. If the light is bright, the pupil will contract or shrink to let less light in, if it is dark, the pupil will dilate or become larger to let more light in.
  • 2

    The light is focused by the lens to form an upside down image at the dark back wall of your eye.
  • 3

    This becomes electrical signals that are sent to the brain along the optic nerve.
  • 4

    The brain turns this image the right way round.

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