Nathan's Story

Nathan with his guide dog Hudson

Since the age of five, Nathan Edge has had countless operations to save his sight, but at the end of 2013 his vision went almost overnight.

20-year-old Nathan suffers from both Uveitis, and Coats disease, which has left him with almost no vision at all.

Nathan was paired with his dog Hudson in October 2013, and after working together for a year its a match made in heaven.

Hudson has helped to build Nathan's confidence when they're travelling out and about, but buses without audio visual capability, still presents a huge barrier when it comes to being independent.

Once a week Nathan presents his own radio show on Take Over Radio, which is a charitable organisation, but he is forced to use taxis to and from the station.

This mode of transport can be both costly, and frustrating, as Nathan explained that he has to describe exactly where he wants to be dropped off to each new driver, and trust that he has ended up where he wants to be.

Nathan says: "Since I got Hudson my personality has changed completely, I’ve gained so much confidence from having him, and its made such a massive difference.

When I lost my sight, emotionally, I don't think I could've got through it without him, he's really been there for me.

Hudson has opened up the world for me, I can now be as free and as independent as everyone else. A bus without AV tarnishes this freedom as I can’t confidently guess where my stop is, it's not the drivers job to tell me and unfortunately Hudson can't either!

My confidence would be a lot higher if there were talking buses on my route, and it would give me more independence,

I avoid using buses as much as I can, I prefer trains over buses because, they're not talking I've got the issue of not knowing where to get off, and if I'm on the train it's much simpler.

I always look for alternatives to buses where I can.

Getting Hudson was a life-changing experience for me and the moment I can get out on public transport, travel to see friends, my family (who live in a separate town) or do my work at the radio station, without having to worry about missing my stop will be the cherry on the cake, I can’t wait."


Nathan with his guide dog Hudson

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