Sponsor a puppy at school

Every life-changing guide dog starts off as a tiny, playful puppy and now your class can follow our class of guide dog puppies in training.

It’s fun and rewarding

Your school will have the unique opportunity to sponsor a class of three real guide dog puppies, getting ‘Pupdates’ on their progress. With each Pupdate you’ll receive teaching resources and class activity sheets covering a range of topics: from how guide dogs train to what it’s like to be visually impaired, along with take home freebies for every child. Your school can help us transform the lives of blind or partially sighted people. Without sight, 180,000 people rarely leave their home alone. So we need your help to create more life-changing guide dog partnerships. The guide dog service receives no government funding. By sponsoring a class of guide dog puppies your school can help us to continue to provide and grow the guide dog service.

How can our school get involved?

To get involved, raise £300 for Guide Dogs. Once you’ve reached your target you’ll start your amazing journey with your very own class of pups - sharing every step of their adventure as they grow from tiny puppies into responsible guide dogs. It’s the next best thing to being right there. Call us on 0800 953 0113 to sponsor your class of puppies today.

Here’s what you get

Certificate, regular ‘Pupdates’, an exclusive calendar, photos, lesson plans, activity sheets, a wall chart and poster, and take-home gifts for your class. You can also view photos of your sponsored puppies online.

Call us on 0800 953 0113 to sponsor your class of puppies today.

We’ve made a lifetime promise to provide every guide dog owner and any new guide dog owner with a guide dog for as long as they need one.

With so many costs involved in creating each partnership – food, vet bills, intensive training – it’s a big promise. But it’s one that can change a life forever. With the help of your class and school, it’s a promise we can keep.