Dasher is now partnered with Victoria!

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Pupdate 6 – A special partnership

We have recently been to London to visit the gorgeous Dasher with his lovely new owner Victoria for his final Pupdate.

Victoria and Dasher have been together for three months now and Victoria is delighted with how well he has settled in. She laughs, “He’s definitely still Dasher!” Victoria loves his personality, she thinks that she could not have been matched with a better guide dog. She describes him as joyful, excitable and intelligent, and she was able to trust him to guide her very quickly.

Dasher has also made quite an impression at Victoria’s office; she explains that Dasher has even been added to the official team member chart on the reception wall! Victoria tells us also that when people clap after an award ceremony or presentation, Dasher will always stand up as if the applause is for him!

Victoria’s family also love him, and although Victoria’s mum was not a dog lover, Dasher has absolutely converted her. He loves video calls with Victoria’s family, and when her nieces send him kisses, he licks the screen in return!

Dasher is Victoria’s first guide dog, she spent 20 years using a white cane previously. “He makes going out a pleasure now, whereas before it was just a necessity,” she tells us. “He is extremely good at avoiding roadworks and scaffolding, I wouldn’t even know it was there”. Victoria smiles and says “It’s so liberating to be able to get through the Tube station every day without needing to ask for assistance!”

Dasher has been out to lots of places with Victoria, and he often likes to try and take her back to his favourite places, such as Waitrose, Costa and his favourite corner café. He even went to the polling station on the 23rd June and keeps trying to take Victoria back – “he clearly wasn’t happy with the voting result!” she laughs.

It is amazing to see the bond between Victoria and Dasher, and the difference he is making. We have no doubt this partnership will continue to go from strength to strength.

Well done Dasher!

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