Eddie - Pupdate 4

Close up of Eddie looking at camera

The final stage of training!

Hello, my name is Amanda and I’m Eddie’s Trainer now he’s progressed onto Advanced Training.

When he first arrived, Eddie was a bit unsettled from moving to a new home. This reflected in his work as he was rushing to finish his training walks and was missing obstacles in the environment that he would normally notice. So, for the first few weeks I focused on gaining his trust and making his training sessions really fun and enjoyable. He has really improved now that he’s more settled. This is totally normal, as some dogs are great as soon as they arrive whilst others take a little longer to get used to their new environment. Eddie’s really coming into his own now and it’s lovely to see.

Big puppy eyes

Eddie absolutely loves to work. When I take him out with the other dogs on a training walk, he pushes to the front as soon as I open the van door, using his big puppy eyes to try to get me to pick him first! At the moment I’m teaching him crowd work and getting him used to busy environments. It can be hard for Eddie as he gets so much attention when he’s out. People are always stroking his gorgeous shiny coat and loveable face and he would never say no to a good cuddle.

The next step

I’m also doing lots of exposure work with Eddie, testing him in different environments to see what he likes and dislikes. This will help me understand the sort of person he should be matched with. Eddie is such an affectionate dog, so I really want him to be partnered with someone who will give him all the love and attention he wants. Every dog has their own personality and quirks so it’s all about finding someone who Eddie fits with.

Home life

Eddie lives with a boarder and they have a pet labradoodle called Molly. The first thing he does when he gets home is show off his toy to everyone and then lick her to say hello. He gets on well with other dogs too and he trains with a ginger labrador called Melita who we call his work girlfriend! She absolutely adores him.

I can’t wait to update you more on Eddie in his next Pupdate in October. Hopefully by then we’ll be able to show you the huge difference he’s making to someone with sight loss.

Latest video! Eddie - Pupdate 4

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