Hattie - Pupdate 1

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Hello my name’s Christine. I live with my husband Paul in Reading and we’re puppy walking Hattie.

Big personality

Hattie is affectionate, loving and has a big personality. When I come downstairs in the morning, she’s always waiting for me by the stair gate ready to say hello. She’s so full of life and is often in her own little world. It’s funny to see her outside watching the birds in the sky!

Basic training

Hattie is a quick learner and has easily picked up basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘wait’. I’ve been taking her on buses and trains as she’ll need to be confident with different modes of transport to become a fully qualified guide dog.

I’m also practicing getting Hattie to wait at the bottom of stairs, as she’s very eager to get to the top of them. She sprints up them so I need to teach her to slow down as it’s important for a guide dog to keep a steady pace for their owner.

Still a puppy

Hattie is still very much a puppy. She has heaps of energy and loves bounding around the garden with her toys. She’s so playful and loves playing with all the other puppies at her puppy class. I’m having to work on getting her to pay more attention to me and less attention to them! I’m using lots of treats to help with her training because she absolutely loves food. For Hattie, life’s not worth living without food!

It’s not all work

Hattie loves other dogs. I take her on free runs with her best puppy pal Kiwi. Kiwi is also a guide dog in training and they love romping around the local woods together. Paul and I are off on holiday soon too. We’re going on a caravan trip to Littlehampton on the Sussex coast, so we’re excited to see if Hattie enjoys splashing around in the sea.

What’s next?

Hattie’s got a long road ahead of her with lots of exciting things to learn. Her guide dog training will enable her future owner to have the same freedom and independence as anyone else. I can’t wait to tell you what she’s been up to in her next Pupdate in October.

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