Pupdate 4 – Advanced Training

Hudson has now moved onto the advanced training stage, based at our training school in Reading. We caught up with Hudson and his Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Wayne, to see how they have been getting on with the next steps of his training.

When we visited, Hudson had been under Wayne’s care for six weeks and the two have been really busy getting Hudson a step closer to qualification. “He’s made great progress in terms of concentration and confidence,” says Wayne. It was clear that they have a great bond and Hudson is very focused on Wayne as his handler.

“I take Hudson on the train to Wokingham which is an ideal public environment for him to learn in. He’s a really intelligent dog. We’re currently at the stage of getting him to focus on tasks such as stopping at kerbs, even when they’re the same level as the road. The next thing we’ll be working on is obstacle avoidance and getting him thinking about guiding decisions,” says Wayne.

“He’s quite a sensitive boy so needs consistent, considered handling. He’ll suit an owner with sight loss who has a regular routine. He’ll make a super companion to them too, he really loves being with people.”

Wayne currently has two other dogs in his care; our very own Sponsor a Puppy Star, and another Labrador called Ozzy. A five minute walk from where Wayne is based is an open meadow area where he exercises the dogs he is training. “Hudson enjoys a good run about with the others,” Wayne tells us, “but if he sees some water, whether it’s a stream or a puddle, he’ll make a beeline for it, he loves splashing about!”

Wayne is now well in the swing of refining Hudson’s skills and we’re really pleased to see how well they’re getting on. We cannot wait to see Hudson again and find out who he will be partnered with for his October Pupdate.

Latest video! Hudson begins his puppy walking!


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