Irvine - Pupdate 1

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Hello and welcome to Irvine’s first Pupdate. I’m Abigail and Irvine lives with me in Chelmsford.

First steps

I’ll be looking after Irvine for the next 12 months, teaching him all the basic skills he’ll need in order to become a guide dog. He’s the first puppy I’ve walked and in all honesty, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

Growing up fast

He’s got such a playful, sweet, cuddly and loving nature and he’s grown so much already. He used to trip over Big Ted, his favourite toy, when he carried it around with him. Now he’s bigger than Ted! He still likes to cuddle up with him at night though.

Irvine loves company

I love Irvine to bits; he’s so loyal and loves people. So much so that he’s always following me around the house, and when I’m upstairs, he whines because he doesn’t like being on his own. I’m working on teaching him that it’s ok for him to be by himself, because while loyalty is a fantastic trait, if he is to become a guide dog, it’s important he’s happy and confident in his own company too.

Learning new skills

Irvine loves being out and about and enjoys going to his puppy classes. We’ve been on a bus and a train and he sat very nicely, even when the other pups were misbehaving! He’s getting more confident with all the loud noises too. I’m working on his lead work at the moment as he does pull quite a lot; he’ll need to learn to keep a steady pace for his future owner. It must be hard for him though because he’s still getting used to all the new sights and smells in the environment.

High hopes

The best way to train Irvine is with food. He’s easily bribed and will do pretty much anything for a treat! I’ve got high hopes for Irvine as he’s very intelligent and loves to learn. In his next Pupdate in October, I can’t wait to tell you all about the new skills he’s been learning and about all the fun he’s been having along the way.

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