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Puppy Cam

We recently visited our National Breeding Centre and were right in the heart of where our pups spend most of their time! Here are our favourite moments of our pups taking some downtime, playing with their brothers and sisters and even taking a siesta.


Here at Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre, our pups love nothing more than to play with their brothers and sisters. This is important in their younger years as it increases their social skills and teaches them how to approach other dogs and how to play.

We have put together a compilation of some of our lively little pups playing with their siblings at our National Breeding Centre over the past few years. Enjoy!

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In the litter

Whilst talking to the team there, we found out that they are hoping to link behaviours seen in new born puppies with their adult temperament. For example, they are finding out whether a pup who likes hanging out with their siblings would grow to be a more outgoing social dog and likewise if the pup is happiest relaxing on their own with a toy would they have a more sweet and loyal nature. The answer to these questions and more will help Guide Dogs to tailor their socialisation programme to the individual puppy’s needs, ultimately giving them the best possible start in life and helping them grown up to become even better guide dogs.

Previous update

Our staff at the National Breeding Centre do the most amazing job helping our brood bitches bring their adorable puppies into the world. They look after and care for these amazing mums and their new pups, before they go on to their puppy walkers and embark on a new journey to become life-changing guide dogs. We have teamed up with these incredible people to give you some exclusive videos of our litters from the first time they open their eyes, to the loveable age of six weeks.

We caught up with some of the NBC staff, behind the scenes at our latest puppy photo shoots. Here is a sneak peak as to what happens when our cheeky puppies just can’t sit still! Check out the outtakes video below.

Puppy Cam Outtakes Video

Guide dog mum, Daisy, and her newest litter of pups.

Below you will find some video of just a very few of our lovely guide dog mums, who bring our life-changers into the world. We will continuously be updating this page with new footage once more litters have been born, and as the featured litters get older so be sure to keep checking back.

Brood name: Daisy
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 3 years old

This is Daisy’s first litter, and as you can see, she is doing a fantastic job of being a mum.