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Disappointment at government response to committee calls for talking buses

06 Dec 2013

Joel Young and a blindfolded Ian Stewart MPGuide Dogs were disappointed the government has today failed to back parliamentary calls for talking buses. In October 2013 the Transport Select Committee published a set of recommendations to improve disabled access to transport, including the phased introduction of talking buses over the next ten years.

In response to today's government statement on Disabled Access to Transport, Campaigns Manager James White commented:

"Blind and partially sighted bus passengers have been let down by the Government today"

"After carefully considering the evidence, the non-partisan Transport Committee recommended all new buses have Audio-Visual announcements. The Government has responded, saying they will not legislate on this issue. We are sorely disappointed."

"Buses are essential to disabled people's independence. Without AV, 9 out of 10 bus passengers with sight loss have missed their stop, leaving them lost and disorientated. We need Talking Buses to give people back their independence."

"The Government says that there isn't a business case. People report to us that buses without AV mean they routinely miss hospital appointments, job opportunities and family occasions. The costs of social isolation are well known; helping older and disabled people get around makes sense for individuals, for society and for the economy."

We will continue to campaign for talking buses, you can add your support by signing up to our campaigns updates.