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All on board for Talking Buses

12 Jun 2013

On board audio visual announcements could lead the way to growing bus patronage according to two recent surveys carried out on behalf of Guide Dogs, which showcase ‘Talking Buses’ as beneficial and highly desirable.

In a survey of over 2,000 UK adults by YouGov, 84% of UK motorists whose local buses are already all “talking buses” find them helpful when going somewhere they are unfamiliar with. Whilst 19% of 25-34 year old motorists who have buses in their local area said they would be more likely to use the bus if it had audio visual announcements.

Encouraging local authorities to make the most of the findings when preparing Better Bus Area bids (deadline June 21), Guide Dogs Campaigns Manager, James White said:

"I am sure that if just some of these people, many of who will be commuting, or travelling regularly for social purposes, were persuaded out of cars and taxis and onto the bus as a result of equipping them with next stop announcements, the investment would be repaid many times over."

Another independent polling company, nfpSynergy, asked 1,000 adults in the UK whether audible "next stop" announcements should be compulsory on all buses. 74% said yes.