Law needed on Pavement parking

23 Oct 2013

A report by MPs today has completely ignored the danger that parking on pavements causes people with sight loss, says Guide Dogs.

Labelling the Transport Select Committee’s findings a “damp squib”, the charity has called again for a national law on pavement parking.

The report acknowledges that there is “a confusing patchwork approach across the country” when it comes to enforcing pavement parking, but the committee has stopped short of recommending a national law which would give greater clarity. There is also no mention of the difficulties that pavement parking causes for people with disabilities.

Guide Dogs’ Campaigns Manager James White said: “All in all, the report is a bit of a damp squib. It identifies some of the problems, but goes on to make a very weak recommendation - that local authorities should communicate more clearly with motorists. This is simply not good enough when 90% of our service users are regularly being forced into dangerous situations by inconsiderate drivers.”