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Mark and Claire appearing on ITV's This Morning

24 Apr 2014

Two guide dog owners who met Mark And Claire with their guide dogs Rodd and Veniceand fell in love because of their dogs are telling their story on ITV's This Morning today.

51 year old Mark Gaffey was training with his first ever guide dog, Rodd in March 2012, he knew that his life was going to change significantly. What Mark didn't know was that Rodd would not just open up a new world of increased independence, he'd introduce him to the love of his life, Claire Johnson (50).

Mark met Claire when they were both training with their new guide dogs. Claire explains, "Our dogs were the class love story, everyone used to joke about how Mark's dog Rodd and my dog Venice were meant to be together.

"When the class came to an end and we had both qualified with our lovely new guide dogs, Mark and I agreed that it would be nice to stay in touch so that the dogs could meet up for play dates. We only live 1.5 miles away from each other after all!  Coffee dates turned to lunch dates and the lunch dates just kept getting longer."

In July 2012 Mark had what he described as his "eureka moment" and asked Claire out.

Just last month the pair got married and of course Venice and Rodd were by their sides for the lovely moment.

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