Pavement Perils!

01 Apr 2014

Guide Dogs calls for new laws Car and van parked on pavementsto prevent parking on pavements.

New research for Guide Dogs has found that the majority of British adults and local authority councillors back our call for new laws to prevent cars, vans and other vehicles from parking on pavements.

Seven out of ten (69%) people that took part in a YouGov survey commissioned by Guide Dogs support the idea.  In a separate piece of research, eight out of ten (78%) of local authority councillors say that they would support the introduction of such a law.

Cars, vans and other vehicles parked on pavements are making town centres, cities and other urban areas a no go area for blind and partially sighted people.

Guide dog owner, Susan Williamson, 40, is completely blind in her right eye and has very limited vision in her left. She said:

“When a car parked on the pavement blocks my way, my dog and nine year old daughter have to guide me out into the road. It’s a busy area where cars come round the corner very quickly and stepping out to get round vehicles blocking the pavement is really intimidating. It’s a constant concern for me and my husband (who is in a wheelchair) and it would be so easily solved by parking on pavements being prevented by law.”

James White, Campaigns Manager, Guide Dogs said:

“Imagine you have to step into a road where you can’t see on-coming traffic. People who are blind or partially sighted have to face this shocking reality every day. We want politicians to act, preventing this form of inconsiderate and dangerous parking.”

Guide Dogs would like to see the introduction of a new law that prevents parking on pavements, unless specifically permitted, as in Greater London.

Watch appeals from two other guide dog owners John Welsman and Hetal Bapodra.