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Frasers next steps towards regaining independence

22 Sep 2014

Tomorrow [Tuesday 23 September] marks two months since Tess's disappearance. It has of course been a really distressing time for me. Yet at the same time, I've also been overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of support from near and far.

From Facebook groups to leafleting and poster campaigns, the efforts made by members of the public as well as the Guide Dogs team to raise awareness of Tess have been much appreciated. It means a lot to me.

Despite the many search attempts to find Tess, we are yet to find her, and I am in a position now where I must start to make the next steps towards regaining my independence.

Since Tess disappeared I've felt really quite isolated. I've found it difficult to leave home and when I have done it's been out of necessity rather than because I wanted to. I do have my long cane, but it's not the best mobility aid for me personally. Normally, I'd go to the local high street at least once a week to get the shopping, but that's been restricted to going to the local shop, which is a garage.

I did manage to make it to Inverness a few times, but it’s been a very uncomfortable experience. I wasn't confident walking with the long cane. Although a friend met me in Inverness and acted as my sighted guide, I have to be honest and say I felt more scared than I thought I would. It was a strange feeling and I was very anxious. Not having Tess to help get me out and about has affected every aspect of my life.

The last couple of months have meant a lot of changes to my life. Obviously, my independence has suffered. The team at Guide Dogs have been helping me to cope with these changes, and are now helping me to move towards being more mobile again. The other day, I had a “matching walk” with a potential new guide dog, Remy. Both Mike my instructor and I were pleased with how it went and how well Remy appears to fit my needs. In fact, we’ve agreed to start formal training with Remy. As this training will be carried out at home, local supporters will see me out and about over the coming weeks. This will no doubt be a difficult adjustment for me - after all I haven't been able to retire Tess in the usual way, as I did with my first guide dog, Neena. She is fifteen years old now and although retired, she is still with me at home.

Forming a successful partnership with a guide dog takes hard work from both sides, but when the relationship works it is life-changing.

In the meantime, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support. I will continue on my road to regaining my independence and I hope that this new partnership proves to be successful. Tess is out there somewhere and both myself and Guide Dogs want to find her and ensure she is safe and well. I would ask anyone with information on Tess to please get in touch with Guide Dogs on 0800 6888 409.

Thank you again,




If you have any information about Tess, or know someone who might, please call 0800 6888 409

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