Iggy’s first Birthday

16 Apr 2015

Iggy Lindsey And Chris Evans

Iggy, the guide dog puppy in training whose progress is being followed by Blue Peter, is celebrating her first birthday today.

Iggy And LindseyIt only seems like yesterday that smitten Blue Peter presenter, Lindsey Russell, visited Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre in Leamington Spa to choose and name the pup that would join the Blue Peter family.

Since then Lindsey has followed Iggy’s progress and has been there to help Anna (Iggy’s volunteer puppy walker) at key moments throughout Iggy’s development. 

Now, a year on, Iggy is celebrating by having a birthday bash at the Blue Peter studio in Salford Quays. There will be lots of nice surprises in store for the birthday girl. Tune in to CBBC at 5pm tonight (or 9am on Sunday) to find out what happens, or read more about Iggy by following her puppy walker’s blog.


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About the Blue Peter puppy blog

Blue Peter have named guide dog puppy Iggy and will be following her as she works towards graduating as a fully qualified guide dog.