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Guide Dogs Response to Deregulation Bill

11 Feb 2015

Today, The House of Lords will be addressing the issue of pavement parking as part of debates on the Deregulation Bill. An amendment to the Bill has been laid by disability campaigner Lord Low of Dalton which would make it illegal to park on pavements except in specially designated areas. The Bill also contains provisions to prevent local authorities from using CCTV to catch out drivers who have parked irresponsibly.  

The debate is taking place less than a month after Guide Dogs released YouGov research, which indicates that three quarters (72%) of people have been affected by vehicles parked on the pavement. 55% say cars parked on pavements make it harder for them to walk along pavements, 45% say they force them into the road, while 20% say parked cars make it feel like it’s more dangerous to cross the road.

James White, Campaigns Manager for Guide Dogs said: “It’s not just people with sight loss who are affected by this; it’s anyone who uses a mobility aid, older people and mothers with prams. Pavements are there to be used by pedestrians, not to be parked on. We welcome Lord Low’s proposal, far too often we are hearing of individuals who have been injured or forced into the way of danger, because of cars that have been parked inconsiderately. In addition to this, if local authorities are no longer able to use CCTV to enforce parking infringements, we’ll see more drivers parking in in areas that make it dangerous for pedestrians, especially those with sight loss.”

Help keep pavements clear in your area: write to your local paper about pavement parking.


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