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Over 180 MPs Supported Parking on Pavements Campaign

19 Jun 2015

On Wednesday, 10 June over 180 MPs attended a reception at Westminster to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by blind and partially-sighted people when parked cars block pavements.

Gdo And Puppy Walkers

As James White, Campaigns Manager for Guide Dogs, said: "Cars parked on pavements blight the lives of people living with sight loss and other vulnerable road users including wheelchair users and parents with buggies or prams.

Imagine how frightening it must be to step out into a busy road when you can't see on-coming traffic, or you have your young child with you. We want to stop people from being forced into the road and we call on all parties to support a new law on pavement parking."

High-profile members of the Government, including Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, Environment Secretary Liz Truss, International Development Secretary Justine Greening, as well as numerous influential backbenchers, peers and new MPs queued up to be awarded a star on the Guide Dogs’ pavement parking walk of fame.

The event was hosted by Conservative peer and guide dog owner Lord Holmes who told the audience that pavement parking “doesn’t just make blind people’s life a misery, frankly it makes everyone’s life a misery.” Lord Holmes called upon those MPs who have yet to choose a Private Members’ Bill to consider taking up Guide Dogs’ campaign to end pavement parking.

Shadow Transport Minister, Richard Burden, said: “It was an issue that all of us know about as our constituents raise it with us time and time again. It does blight many communities and many areas. We all know that the current patchwork of laws on pavement parking are not easily understandable. The end result is that it is dangerous. The work Guide Dogs has been doing to raise awareness of this issue is very important.”

The campaign to stop problem pavement parking has gained further momentum and this collective voice is growing steadily in volume and confidence and if this reception is anything to go by, Parliament seems to be listening.

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