Cities Unlocked one year on

26 Nov 2015

In 2014, we launched Cities Unlocked, a unique collaboration between Guide Dogs and Microsoft. The project is exploring the potential of technology to help people living with sight loss get out and about independently and confidently.

During 2015, we’ve been working with Microsoft to further refine the technology. We have been trialling a new headset with voice activation and a new wearable device to make it easier to operate the app without needing to touch the phone. The Cities Unlocked app has also been cross-developed on Windows, Android and iOS phones. This year we have also started to test some aspects of the solution in indoor environments.

It is still in the research and development phase, but the trials have received promising feedback from our visually impaired participants and we are excited about the potential and direction that the new technology is heading in. The ultimate aim is to give people with sight loss more spontaneity, choice and independence when travelling around their towns and cities.

Watch our video to learn more about the work we’ve been doing in 2015.




Gerald And Cities Unlocked


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