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Guide dog puppy Clover on the Corrie cobbles

11 Nov 2015

ITV This Morning’s resident guide dog puppy, Clover, shook paws with Coronation Street stars this week as she paid a visit to the famous cobbles. The TV pup took the trip as part of her regular slot on ITV This Morning as they follow her progress through guide dog training.

She met the cast and crew of the long-running soap and explored the set, sniffing out a few good storylines from the likes of William Roache (Ken Barlow), Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) and Ben Price (Nick Tilsley) and, of course, no trip to the cobbles would be complete without stopping in at the Rover’s Return.

Clover’s visit to the ITV Studios also included a special moment as she met Coronation Street extra Annie Giles-Quinn and her guide dog Mr Quin. Annie and Mr Quinn joined the show just over a year ago, after she was recognised by one of the show’s costume designers from her days working in the Granada bar in the early 1990’s. Annie and Mr Quin are now popular members of the cast and are often seen walking down the street or in the Rover’s Return by the show’s viewers.

Twenty-week old Clover hopes to one day be a life changing guide dog like Mr Quin, and is currently in the early phase of her guide dog training known as ‘puppy walking’. Clover lives with a puppy walker called Emma who is helping to socialise and expose her to as many new sights and sounds as possible. Her appearances on This Morning and her visit to Coronation Street all serve a purpose as they help her become confident and experienced in the world before she starts her guide dog training next year.

Tune in to ITV This Morning on Monday’s and Thursday’s to watch Clover’s progress or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.


Ben Price and Clover

Ben Price

William Roache and Clover

William Roache and Clover