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Councillors backing Pavement Parking Bill

05 Nov 2015

Ivy sitting next to a parked carWith just one month to go until the second reading of the Pavement Parking Bill, councillors across England and Wales have expressed their support which is great news for the Guide Dogs campaign.

Pavement parking is the most common street obstruction that blind and partially sighted people encounter, with 9 out of 10 people with sight loss regularly experiencing difficulties with pavement parking. It’s an issue that also affects parents with young children, older people and other disabled people. Problem pavement parking dangerously forces many people out into the road into the path of oncoming traffic to get around.

Guide Dogs and campaigners have been contacting councils to find out if they support the Bill’s proposals which would alter the powers that councils have at the moment. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from across the political spectrum. Some of the comments received include:

"I would wholeheartedly support the introduction of an up-to-date legislation to combat pavement parking." Leader of Council, Conservative

"Parking on the pavement is not something that is currently enforceable under the auspices of the Civil Parking Enforcement Policy in Wales" Leader of Council, Plaid Cymru

“The law at the present time is an absolute nonsense and a very sad joke when it comes to enforcement. As you have stated it should be quite clear that parking on the pavement is not acceptable unless specified in a local traffic order.” Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Labour

Guide Dogs and the 30 other organisations supporting this change in law, including the Local Government Association and National Association of Local Councils, will be continuing to campaign for this change in law ahead of its second reading on 4th December.

The Bill would replicate the Greater London parking laws, across the rest of England and Wales. This would introduce a presumption that cars cannot park on pavements unless specifically allowed.

Take Action! You can support the Pavement Parking Bill by writing to your MP and asking them to attend the debate on 4th December.


Parking pop graphic of a van

"I find it immensely frustrating when a car blocks my way by parking on the pavement, especially if it forces me and my guide dog Breck in to the road to compete with passing traffic. This is inconvenient and dangerous for pedestrians like myself."

John, Guide Dog Owner