14 Jan 2016

Staff from the Communications Team and puppy walker Lynda Graham were lucky enough to take golden retriever guide dog puppy Zebedee on the set of Ricky Gervais’ new film at the end of last year.

The film ‘Life On The Road,’ due for release in August, follows the character David Brent in the years following ‘The Office’. A Guide Dogs collection box features in the film, which prompted the invitation for the team to visit.

Puppy Zebedee soon became the star of the show as he walked on set to the delight of the cast and crew and a very smiley Ricky Gervais. Having met everyone, Zebedee posed for some photos, which later appeared on Ricky Gervais’ Facebook and Twitter accounts under #BrentsBark, where he said it was his “favourite set visit ever”. The posts received thousands of likes and shares and hundreds of comments for Guide Dogs. The crew also joined in by posting photos of themselves with soft toy guide dog puppies!


Ricky Gervais with guide dog puppy


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