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Guide dog owners say no to access refusals

27 May 2016

Over 100 guide dog owners met MPs in parliament yesterday (25 May 2016) to call on them to support the introduction of tougher laws to prevent shops, taxis, restaurants and other businesses from turning away assistance dog owners.

Guide Dogs Owners Leaving Parliament

Despite legal protection, according to our research, seven out of ten guide dog owners have been turned away by a service provider at some point because of their assistance dog. The research also showed that taxi refusals are the most common type of access refusal.

The Guide Dogs charity is campaigning for better enforcement of the law, tougher penalties for taxi drivers who turn away guide dog owners and disability equality training for all taxi and minicab drivers.

James White, Senior Campaigns Manager said:

“Imagine you were turned away by a shop, restaurant to taxi. This happens to people with shocking regularity because they are accompanied by a guide dog. It’s not only illegal, it knocks people’s confidence and stops them doing the everyday things that most people take for granted.

“We were pleased that so many MPs met with guide dog owners yesterday and heard their concerns. Now we want to see this support turned into legislation, to ensure that all taxi and minicab drivers receive disability equality training. 

You can still sign our petition to support the campaign.