Guide Dogs face fur appeal

16 Nov 2017

Do you have any unwanted fake beards or moustaches hiding in your fancy dress box? Guide Dogs needs your help.

We’re appealing for public support after our latest research reveals guide dog puppies could benefit from early exposure to facial hair.

Three -women -with -fake -moustaches -hold -young -puppies

The new research from Guide Dogs’ behaviour experts reveals early experiences to familiarise puppies aged 0-6 weeks will have a lasting impact on confidence and anxiety levels.

We rely on over 8,000 volunteers to support the guide dog training programme, and the dedicated volunteers who work with our breeding centre supported the births of more than 1,300 puppies last year.

However, with 71% of volunteers being female, many guide dog puppies start life unfamiliar with a furry human face.

Whilst Guide Dogs is on a drive to recruit more male volunteers both in dog focused roles and more generally, in the meantime we’re asking for your leftover Santa beards and Mario moustaches to help our pups continue to grow into confident, well socialised guide dogs.

Please send your unwanted fake facial hair to:

Guide Dogs Face Fur Appeal
Burghfield Common

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Don’t have any fake beards?

Discover volunteering opportunities in your area or take a look at how you can sponsor a guide dog puppy