The Blue Peter team welcome guide dog puppy Iggy!

Annaiggy250The pitter patter of tiny paws can be heard in Blue Peter’s studios as the presenters and crew welcome Iggy, the life-changing guide dog puppy!

Blue Peter will be following Iggy’s progress as she learns how to become a guide dog. I’m lucky enough to be Iggy’s puppy walker, which I’ll tell you all about in a minute, but first, here’s more about our special pooch’s life so far…

Iggy was born on 19 April this year at Guide Dogs’ National Breeding Centre (NBC) near Leamington in Warwickshire. Iggy is a labrador/retriever cross, like most guide dogs, her mum is called Yvonne and her dad is called Martin. Iggy’s training to become a guide dog started right from the moment she was born, thanks to the staff who were looking after her and her littermates at the NBC. They began to get the pups used to the sights, sounds and smells that you will find in an everyday home, such as the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine.

When she was six weeks old, Iggy’s health was checked and her personality was assessed. The assessment is turned into a game for the pups, and the way a pup behaves while it plays tells Guide Dogs’ staff a lot about them! Iggy is bold and confident, and she’s very getting on well with our other guide dog puppy, Bonnie.

After their assessment, each pup goes to live with a volunteer called a puppy walker, which is where I come in. I’ll be looking after Iggy until she’s about 12 months old, and it’ll be my job to take Iggy out into the big, wide world and get her used to things like traffic and busy public spaces. I’ll also be taking Iggy onto buses and trains and into shops and cafes – in fact, anywhere a guide dog owner might want to go! After all when they grow up, dogs like Iggy will help someone who is blind or partially sighted to get out and about independently.

You can follow Iggy’s progress by watching Blue Peter, which is on CBBC and CBBC HD at 5:30pm every Thursday.


Patricia, 7:48pm Fri 17 Oct 2014:

I am puppy walking Iggy's sister Iona.She is training really well and full of mischief as you would expect but oh so cute. I am so proud to be associated with guide dogs. Patricia.

Jenny , 11:59am Wed 15 Oct 2014:

Lovely to read your story about Iggy. We have our first puppy guide dog with us, Vaughn, who is now 14 weeks old - a little mischievous but great fun. Look forward to hearing more about Iggys progress and seeing her on Blue Peter.

Linda, 2:48pm Sat 11 Oct 2014:

was so nice to read about Iggy she looks like she will help a disabled person one day. You all do a brilliant job with the dogs good luck to you all

Gillian, 2:49pm Tue 30 Sep 2014:

This is what I was doing for Canadian guide dogs for the Blind,

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Fifty years after first working together, Guide Dogs and Blue Peter have teamed up again!