Iggy Meets Sharky


A fundamental part of Puppy Walking is familiarising the Guide Dog pups in all the sights, sounds and smells of everyday life. Popping to the shops, hopping on a bus, doing the school run and visiting the library are all the kinds of things that help the pups get to grips with normal life.

Rugby3 250We love taking Iggy with us almost everywhere we go. She is learning to be very well behaved in every situation and nothing at all seems to phase her. That’s why when we had the chance to visit our local Premiership Rugby Union team, Sale Sharks, we jumped at the chance to take Iggy there too.

Rugby2 250We phoned ahead to make sure Iggy could come and we were delighted when Sale Sharks told us that guide dogs are always welcome at the ground. Match day was so exciting for us and the children, and Iggy too!

There was loud music, cheering, shouting and the roar of the crowd every time Sale Sharks scored a try or kicked a penalty, which they did plenty of times. Iggy was a complete star, sitting underneath my seat the whole match and only raising an eyebrow occasionally at the noise.

After the match, we were invited into the players’ lounge, to meet the team. Everyone loved Iggy! She lapped up all the attention, taking it all in her stride, loving every single pat, stroke and fuss. I’m guessing all her exposure in the Blue Peter studios has put her in good stead.

Rugby4 250To round off the day, Iggy was a little surprised to finally meet the team’s mascot, Sharky, giving him a good sniff before deciding she wanted a closer look. Well done Iggy and thanks to everyone at Sale Sharks!


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Fifty years after first working together, Guide Dogs and Blue Peter have teamed up again!