Goodbye Iggy!

About six weeks ago, we found out that Iggy had been formally accepted onto the Guide Dogs Early Training Scheme. We were naturally delighted but felt sad too as “The Date” had been given for her to leave our home. My children have been amazing throughout the whole year with Iggy and have loved being part of Blue Peter and the Guide Dogs programme. They’d become very attached to Iggy and I was worried about how they’d feel having to give her up but, as The Date grew nearer, I found that the children were equally as excited about Iggy’s next adventure. 


Last Monday, the Blue Peter presenter, Lindsey, and the team arrived at our house to film us saying our final goodbyes and packing her things for training. I was anxious about the filming (had I cleaned the kitchen well enough and hidden all the junk?), but obviously I was worried about how I’d feel when the time came to hand Iggy over to Richard at the Training Centre.

The children had said their goodbyes before they headed off to school and I was amazed at how wonderful they were. They kissed her head, wished her good luck and told her they loved her a million times but, surprisingly, no tears.

The actual handover was a little surreal (it’s not every day you have a camera crew filming you for starters) and thankfully, it’s not every day you have to say goodbye to your puppy. Ultimately, I am very proud of how far Iggy has come along on her journey with us. She is a terrific dog and will no doubt progress through training to become a real life-changer for someone. I viewed Monday as a real day of celebration of the effort we had put into giving Iggy the best chance of success and we truly wish her and the Training Team the very best of luck.

To avoid the ‘empty nest’ feeling we’ve had since Iggy’s departure, everyone is now asking if we’ll get another guide dog puppy. And my response is, watch this space…

We’d just like to thank Richard Huggins from Guide Dogs, for all his support and guidance over the last year. And a huge thank you to the entire Blue Peter team for making us feel like part of the family and for looking after us so well this year. The children have loved seeing ‘inside the telly’ – a truly unforgettable experience.


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