Iggy takes it all in her stride

Iggy HalloweenresizeAt the end of October Iggy got into the spirit of Halloween with her boarder family and gave trick or treaters an extra special treat when she greeted them at the door! She also enjoyed helping Jessica and Joseph give out sweets and treats to all the spooky visitors that came knocking.

In training, she has been moving into more challenging environments such as busy shopping precincts, markets and town centres. These are places where there are lots of people, scents and other distractions such as pet dogs on leads, food and litter, so she has to concentrate extra hard as these are all things that any dog would be naturally interested in! She is also having to weave in and out of people and objects, giving plenty of space on the right side of her handler, which will keep her future guide dog owner safe from collisions with objects such as lampposts and bins. These busier places give her the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge she has of her guiding tasks and give her an understanding of why she has to do it. She's still doing brilliantly and is definitely for the advanced stages of her training which she will move into over the next few weeks.

Iggy also got involved in the Children In Need Celebrations down at the Blue Peter Studio! They had lots going on but as usual she loved being back and seeing all her old friends there. She also met Pudsey Bear, pop band The Vamps and Great British Bake-off finalist Tamal! Lucky girl!

She's now looking forward to Christmas and the Guide Dog Awards on December 9!


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