Iggy is growing up

Iggy In The StudioIggy is now nine months old and for several weeks she has been showing signs that she is maturing. She has gone through a short phase of defiance where she started to decide for herself whether or not to do something, like going for a walk or obedience training. The classic ‘teenage’ stage when Iggy’s adolescent hormones are waking up preparing her for growing up. The children have found it funny that she showed little interest in the things we know she’s loved for a long time. With gentle persuasion, we generally can get Iggy to do as she’s told.

Today she finally came into season. This means that her body is developing and now ready for adulthood. She will continue to gain weight and size for another month or so but then this should level off. We have to be really careful over the next few weeks. We expect her to be quite sensitive this first week but will continue to take her out for her normal walks and free runs until next week when we have to keep her indoors or exercise her only in our garden to keep her safe.

In around four months’ time Iggy will have an operation to stop any further seasons and make sure she doesn’t have any puppies of her own. This is the normal process for guide dog puppies and means that she can focus on her training and future career as a life changing assistance dog.

The start of her season also signals towards a date in late Spring or early Summer when Iggy will leave our family and join the formal puppy training at the Guide Dogs for the Blind centre. This is the next phase of her journey and we look forward to seeing how she develops throughout her Early and Advanced training.


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Lindsey Russell and puppy Iggy

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