Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Recorder Recital

Beach IggyAn important part of the first year of guide dogs training is making sure the puppy gets to do all the normal, everyday activities a family would usually do. Supermarket shopping, busy markets, library visits and the twice daily school run! If your school runs are as crazy as ours seem to be, then you know that having an extra four paws to contend with can be a challenge!

Iggy joins our school run at least three times a week. This week, Iggy came into school to attend the monthly Celebration Assembly. Parents are invited in to see and celebrate the fantastic achievements of the children and often we are treated to a short performance from the children. Iggy sat with me at the back very patiently. I gave her a little chew treat to occupy her as the announcements were made. The cheers and clapping were no issue for our little star, Iggy.

Then came the Recorder Group. They’d been practising the Christmas favourite, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, in preparation for the upcoming festivities. As soon as the first note was played, Iggy’s ears pricked up and she sat bolt-upright watching the performers play. She was transfixed with the toe-tapping tune and kept cocking her head sideways as if to make sense of the song. A few of the children saw her doing this and soon the whole school was giggling at how Iggy was mesmerised by the musicians’ performance.

Thankfully, the children soon focussed their attention on the rest of the assembly and Iggy finished off her chew!


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