Happy Birthday Iggy!


A couple of weeks ago, our lovely Iggy turned one year old! I cannot quite believe what a journey we have been on this year – full of fun, excitement, challenge and reward!

We had a family celebration for our incredible Iggy but it wasn’t half as exciting as the party Blue Peter threw for her on their show! What a day! There were balloons, party hats (for the presenters, not the pups) and even a special doggy birthday cake! Viewers of the show had sent in over a thousand cards and gifts for Iggy (every one of which my son wanted to bring home)! It was so wonderful to see all the things the children had sent into Blue Peter and I really got a sense of just how popular Iggy is.

I was a little worried about the day, if I’m perfectly honest. We train our pups to be very well-behaved and on the whole Iggy certainly is. But as part of the show, Iggy’s littermates were invited in to Blue Peter from all over the UK for a reunion to celebrate their birthdays! Thankfully they had the opportunity to meet and greet each other off camera and what a puppy paradise it was!! It was kept as controlled as possible but they all got a chance to meet and have a little play between rehearsals before the live show.

I also fulfilled a lifelong dream to appear on a live show and was presented with my very own Blue Peter badge. But I need to let you in on a secret. I have two Blue Peter badges already (a blue badge and a silver one) from when I was my children’s ages. What a special day it was to share with my kids and Iggy, and all the puppies from the litter.

So, Happy Birthday again Iggy! We all love you dearly!


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