Iggy's Gone To Big School

Iggy And Lola

Iggy has been with us here at Atherton Training Centre for 14 weeks. She has settled in really well to her Early Training and is picking things up very quickly, she’s even made a new best friend – Lola, a black Labrador.

Iggy’s training started by building on her basic obedience which she had already been learning whilst with her puppy walker, Anna. It was clear that Anna had worked really hard on this, as Iggy had a really good understanding of all her basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’ and ‘steady’. She was also introduced to her body piece, the leather part of her harness, which we do through play so it is a positive experience and so Iggy is confident and comfortable wearing it.

Iggy Collection Bucket Blackburn Shopping Centre

From there, she began to learn her guiding tasks whilst wearing her full harness. Guiding tasks are the skills fundamental to guiding her future guide dog owner safely out on the streets. Despite this training being very challenging, Iggy is doing brilliantly and showing an excellent understanding of it all, making decisions for herself and growing in confidence every day. Keep an eye out for her progress with her guiding tasks on Blue Peter- they have been coming to Atherton to film how she’s getting on!

We’ve been having lots of fun since she joined our team here. Iggy was our guest of honour at the annual Atherton Training Centre Fun Day in September, and was the star of our obedience demonstration which involved a grand finale to the Blue Peter Theme Tune! We also went fundraising together at Blackburn Shopping centre where she did a very good job of being in charge of a collection bucket for Guide Dogs Week- thank you to everyone who gave so generously.

A highlight for us all, are our regular trips to Blue Peter, where Iggy is always so excited to see Lindsey, Barney, Radzi and the team there. Iggy attended the Blue Peter summer party where she met pop star Fuso D G and charmed everyone she met there. She was reunited with Hacker The Dog in the green room (if you haven’t seen the song he wrote especially for her, you can watch it on YouTube) and she also made a guest appearance on CBeebies with the lovely presenter Katy Ashworth

Iggy And the Cats However, it’s not all work for Iggy. She is spending her evenings and weekends with her lovely boarder family Caroline, Joseph and Jessica. There she has made some new furry guinea pig friends ‘Love Heart Rainbow Sparkle’ and ‘Storm’ and enjoys playing with the cats ‘Poppy’ and ‘Harry Potter’ ‘aka’ ‘Harold’. Iggy is involved in their everyday family activities such as school runs and accompanying Joseph and Jessica to swimming and gymnastics classes. Iggy gets lots of love and time to relax here, but it is also excellent preparation for her life as a guide dog where she may have a busy schedule.


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