Iggy has been working hard since joining us here in Leeds for her advanced training

Her work has progressed really nicely and we are very proud of how she is doing.

Iggy and her friendWe have continued on with the fantastic work that trainer Cath and the team at the Atherton training school had introduced to Iggy with her guiding work. We are now taking her into busier areas such as Leeds city centre so that she becomes familiarised with these city centre conditions and learns how to keep her handler safe from the increased number of hazards they may encounter in such an area, for example, people walking by, busy traffic, signs outside shops and benches. She has also been learning how to safely guide her handler onto trains and buses and loves helping to guide through shops and finding the till so that her handler can pay or get assistance to do their shopping.

She has also been learning how she needs to stop if she starts crossing a road with her handler then a car comes. Whilst it is her handler that must decide when it is safe to start crossing the road, Iggy needs to understand that she must stop if a car comes and she is doing really well with this. Well done Iggy!

Alongside her training Iggy has also had a busy social calendar. This included a visit to Meadowside Primary School in Knaresborough as they are raising money for Guide Dogs to sponsor a puppy, so she popped by to say thank you to the teachers and children and to help them understand more about the work that Guide Dogs do and she also went back over to Media City to say hello to her friends at Blue Peter and make a starring appearance on the show.

And most recently Iggy had a lovely surprise. Her puppy walker Anna and family came to visit her in Leeds. They watched Iggy working and were so proud of how well she did and Iggy was very surprised and pleased to see them all when they appeared to say hello at the end of the walk.
Iggy is now being matched up to her future guide dog owner and the next step is for them to start their training together, known as class training, This is the final stage toward Iggy becoming a qualified guide dog.


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