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Simon DawsLocal campaigner Simon Daws has been supporting our work to tackle pavement parking.

“It’s always confused me as to why motorists believe it a right to park on pavements thus blocking the way for visually impaired people, mothers with pushchairs or wheel chair users, but since my sight has got worse, it totally astounds me; getting past some of these vehicles must also be a challenge if one has all their faculties!

This came to a head for me about 6 months ago when walking up my street with my guide dog Lennox, there were so many vehicles blocking pavements that I returned home rather frustrated, annoyed and upset. When I explained my plight to my family, my son got into action and contacted the local police to see what could be done. I was contacted by a very nice police community support officer (PCSO) who advised me that he had walked the problem area and found multiple vehicles blocking pavements; the owners of these vehicles were spoken to by the PCSO. He then said that he would keep an eye on the area to avoid repetition. True to his word, about ten days later, he contacted me again to say that he had been back to review, and still found several vehicles on pavements (of course I already knew that!), and within a couple of days, a letter was issued to every house in the street (including mine) that warnings had been given, and that any further infringements would be dealt with by a fixed penalty ticket, what a result!  Fortunately, six months later, the pavements in my street are clear of vehicles (apart from the odd visitor to houses) and my guide dog and I can wander unhindered up the road, joy!

 Whilst this has been a success in my locality, it is important for us to support Guide Dogs and their campaign to stop inconsiderate Pavement Parking as all drivers need to know the problems that they are causing, probably through lack of thought rather than malice I must add. Only yesterday, on a trip to my local town, within a distance of about a mile I encountered six ‘pavement blockers’, three of which I managed to speak to try and educate them, but I always get the response ‘’I’ve only stopped for a minute to………’’, I am sorry, but excuses don’t wash!

I also now carry some leaflets with me given to me by Guide Dogs. These explain why drivers should not park their vehicles on pavements. When I find offenders, at least it gives me some solace to leave one under the wind- screen wiper to provide a bit of educational reading!”

If you would like to take action to stop pavement parking across the UK then take our latest campaign action.

Alternatively you can download our Pavement Parking leaflet PDF.


Tom, 10:59am Sat 28 Feb 2015:

I have emailed my local MP. Bill Esterson on numerous occasions but never get a reply. He will not get my vote in May.

Campaigns Team, 12:00am Fri 19 Sep 2014:

Hi Sylvia, Peter and Neil, Thank you for your comments and apologies for the belated reply! We were glad to read about the positive outcome of Simon's story. However, in order to avoid such frustrating situations in the first place, we need to have a law that finally puts a stop to problem pavement parking. Since this blog two bills were tabled in Parliament; you can read about what happened in the debate on the Scottish bill at This is a step forward for the campaign but we need to do more! You can take our latest action at and read more about the Pavement Parking Bill at

ian, 9:05am Wed 20 Aug 2014:

I think all the volunteers should take pictures of there streets and email there local councillers and local Mps to get a change in the law , not just a one off but a weekly email to get this on the map

Neil, 8:00am Tue 5 Aug 2014:

Well done, indeed. I have been complaining for a long time about this. In my town I have had to literally squeeze past cars sideways to avoid walking in busy roads. I am sighted, but go out a lot with my cousin and his Guide Dog, and it seems to me some of the large head-level wing mirrors on box vans are a particular danger, Guide Dogs are not trained to avoid them, and because of their height, may not even spot them, walking into one could cause facial injury. Police here just say "take a photo and report it" but how can a person with sight difficulties do that? Still campaigning, but it gets worse....

Peter, 12:16pm Mon 4 Aug 2014:

It';s really great to see that this situation was resolved, but there are still thousands of vehicles blocking thousands of pavements as I write so let's all act together to raise awareness of something that's so much more than an inconvenience.

sylvia , 9:44pm Tue 29 Jul 2014:

Well done Simon. I have been working in my town and with radio Suffolk along with Simon and a guide dog owner from Stowmarket to highlight this problem. the PCSO in our town have given posters to some of the businesses in the town. Guide dog leaflet will be useful I have down loaded it.

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