How the Streets Ahead campaign inspired me

Noah Champion walking down the streetNoah Champion is a National Citizen Service graduate and video editor who has been helping make a video about the Streets Ahead campaign

Being a part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) has made me realise that hard work pays off – I feel a great sense of achievement over what we’ve achieved.

Halfway through our three week programme our team listened to presentations from several charities and community groups supporting people in our local area. Daniel came from Guide Dogs. At first, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really interested, but when I started to understand what people with a visual impairment face on a daily basis - I was shocked. My team felt the same way, so we decided we wanted to help that charity out in any way we could.

We thought through many options but decided that the best way to make an impact would be to make a campaign video. So with some information about the “Streets Ahead” campaign and ideas from Daniel on how to get our message across to the public we set about raising awareness with sighted people about the problems that street clutter cause to those with sight loss

When we filmed the video we became even more aware of all the obstacles in the streets, almost tripping over some in the process! We were most inspired by interviewing Gill, Genene and Fred, Guide Dogs campaigners. They gave us an insight into how they dealt with the dangers and obstructions on the streets. Stitching the footage together was quite challenging but in the end we made a video that we are all proud of.

(an audio described version is also available)

We’ll never forget this experience; it has inspired us to continue helping people, and will hopefully inspire you to help make sure people with visual impairment and mobility problems, older people and parents with young children can get about safely by keeping our pavements clear.

Gill Southgate, campaigner and guide dog owner from King’s Lynn said:

“It’s very important to give young people an insight into visual impairment, how to assist someone who is blind or partially sighted and how Guide Dogs help. It was enjoyable helping the NCS team make the video – I think it gets the point across and I’d like to congratulate them on their hard work!”


Campaigns Team, 12:37pm Fri 24 Oct 2014:

Hi Joyce and thank you for your comment. We are glad to hear your son's guide dog has been having such a positive impact on his life! Our Streets Ahead campaign aims to bring an end to some of the street obstacles you highlight in your comment.

Campaigns Team, 12:30pm Fri 24 Oct 2014:

Hi Lesley and thank you for getting in touch with us. We would be very happy to advise you on the type of support we could offer you. The best way to do it would be for you to call our free number 0800 781 1444 and explain your situation. You can also find more information on how we can support you and your family on the following website:

lesley, 6:33pm Mon 20 Oct 2014:

my,daughter is 14,i dont,live with her shes under so,services,till she 16,i need as much help and support to learn brail,and im wanting to do corsea on learning diffucuiltysny help would be appriciated

kevin, 6:04pm Mon 20 Oct 2014:

Well Leeds city council used to fine people who leave there bin out on the footpath or not putting them out on the correct day.They now have stop doing this but i do have trouble with parked on footpaths on one occasion i had go on to the main road to go round this vehicle which was a Leeds city council Vehicle.

joyce, 4:20pm Mon 20 Oct 2014:

Great video, hopefully it will make people more aware of the difficulties faced by blind or partially sighted every day. It's thanks to my son's Guide Dog that he is able to avoid obstacles! If not for him he'd never manage out and about by himself. He has been put in difficult situations involving cars and bins etc.

Campaigns Team, 12:40pm Fri 24 Oct 2014:

Thank you Kevin for your comment. Unfortunately wheelie bins and cars parked on pavements are very common obstacles on our streets. We are currently campaigning to bring an end to problem pavement parking, find out how you can support the campaign at:

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