Why Talking Buses are important to me

Guide dog owner Nathan Foy Nathan and his guide dog Mason at Cardiff Bayis a Community Engagement Officer for Wales. He has been helping with the Talking Buses campaign.

"I am a guide dog owner living in Wales and I have a 2 year old daughter. As a blind person going out is hard enough; it becomes even more difficult when I am out with my daughter as I have to keep both of us safe, which is not easy when you cannot see dangers surrounding you.

"I have to get the bus, I have no choice about that. However MP’s can choose to make our lives easier by ensuring that all buses have audio visual (AV) next stop and final destination announcements.

"I know my way around the area where I get on the bus and I know my way around the area where I plan to get off, but nothing in between or after.  So if I get off the bus even 100 metres further up the road I am effectively lost.  This is something bus drivers, and I suspect many MP's, do not always realise. When I ask a bus driver to tell me when to get off they often say no, or forget if they say yes. Both these outcomes severely affect my ability and confidence to actually get around my home town or anywhere else in Wales and even the rest of the UK.

"Bus companies seem unwilling to change their ways, and introduce AV, so we as blind and partially sighted people need our elected MP's to bring about changes through legislation. Making sure that transport is accessible by introducing AV announcements on all buses.

"I would like our MP’s to be more proactive about AV technology, and not just expect the changes to come from bus companies. This is why I am supporting the Talking Buses campaign and asking my MP to attend Guide Dogs stand at Party Conferences this year.

Change is necessary, we need Talking Buses!"

You too can invite your MP to support the Talking Buses campaign by taking our simple online action now.


Ina, 1:02pm Tue 20 Jan 2015:

This really impresses me seeing you flying your jet to go teach people and give them hope to do what you are doing and I hope they take advantage of it. I am working very hard with the 2 properties I already purchased since my Bus Tour in July so I can be in other Bus Tours and others events to get more education.You are the BEST!

Campaigns Team, 1:55pm Mon 20 Oct 2014:

Hi Alan, thanks for your comment. It is a shame to hear there aren't many new buses in your area. We are campaigning for all new buses in the UK to be talking buses and we are informed that it would then take about 10 years for whole fleets to talk as the new buses enter into the system. I appreciate this process might take longer in some communities where there are fewer new buses. However, having more talking buses on the road will increasingly become the norm that passengers expect and so local bus operators may be more likely to retrofit. I really hope the situation in your area will soon improve.

Alan, 9:45pm Wed 15 Oct 2014:

I am an ex Bus Driver who has driven many buses of varying Vintage in service on local routes. I would like to ask how long it will take for every bus to be a talking bus ? We have very few brand new buses in Northampton - some should have been scrapped years ago, but while they can still pass a PCV MoT they will be kept going !

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