A birthday surprise!

Last week saw an exciting and busy few days in the campaigns office! In the last week before the Pavement Parking Bill we turned our attention to highlighting the issue to the Parking Minister, Andrew Jones MP.

Coincidentally it was the Minister’s Birthday so we organised a birthday surprise.

Thor putting labels on

At the start of the week we had received an amazing 1217 messages from supporters wishing Andrew Jones MP a Happy Birthday and highlighting the issue of pavement parking. We stuck the messages into pavement parking themed birthday cards ready to deliver to the Minister later in the week.

We also had a surprise gift to give him too… we named a puppy after him! On Monday I was lucky enough to visit puppy Jones at the National Breeding Centre on and take his paw print, along with some photos which we gave to Andrew Jones MP when we met him, along with the cards.

puppy jones

We’ve named Jones after the Andrew Jones MP Minister for Transport to enable us to build on our relationship with the Minister and increase awareness of our campaign messages. In the next few months when puppy Jones is older, he will be able to meet with the Minister – something to look forward to in the
New Year.

Andrew Jones opening present

On Thursday, three members of the campaigns team, along with guide dog owner Hilary and her dog Coco met with the Minister and presented him with his cards and gift. He was delighted to read the messages in his birthday cards and I think the photo below shows just how excited he was when he found out about puppy Jones!

We had a positive Thanks to Hilary and Coco for travelling to meet the minister with us and to the 1217 of you that sent your messages. We’ll let you know what happens on 4th December.discussion about pavement parking and Hilary was also able to explain to Andrew Jones MP just how much of an issue pavement parking is for her and Coco.

Hannah Trussler
Campaigns Officer




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This week’s blog is written by Hannah Trussler 
Campaigns Officer