Why meeting with your MP is so important

Simon Hoare Mp

It’s now only three weeks until the Pavement Parking Bill is debated in Parliament. This debate is vital if we want the Bill, which would change the law on pavement parking in England and Wales, to progress any further in Parliament. If there isn’t enough support on the 4th December the Bill will fall.

The Pavement Parking Bill has wide spread support from the general public (69% support it), councillors (78% support it), MPs (see the MPs backing the bill) and other charities and organisations. However we need either the Government supporting the Bill or 100 MPs to turn up and vote in favour of the Bill on the 4th.

Rachael from my team previously wrote about the difficulties of securing support from 100 MPs. You can read her blog online.

We need you to show your MP just how important it is to you that they are in Parliament on this day supporting the Pavement Parking Bill. The best way to do that is to speak with your MP, and share your views and stories about why you support the Bill and want them to be there.

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The next few weeks are crucial for getting MPs to commit to going to the debate on the 4th December so please meet with your MP and ask them to attend the Bill. Most MP’s hold regular ‘constituency surgeries’- this is where people living in their local constituency have the opportunity to meet with the MP to discuss issues that matter to them. Constituency surgeries are a brilliant way of getting to speak to your MP in person. They can be a really effective way of showing your MP how much you care about an issue and give you the opportunity to put a personal perspective to a national issue. We have produced this guide to meeting with your MP about the Pavement Parking Bill which gives advice on how to book an appointment with your MP and what you might like to talk to them about.

Please keep in touch with us to let us know how you get on!


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Helen from Guide Dogs Campaigns Team

This week’s blog is written by Campaigns Manager Helen Honstvet.

The Bill would control parking in England and Wales, making pavement parking only legal in specially designated streets- as has been the case in London since the 1970s. A similar bill is also being considered by the Scottish Parliament.