The vital next steps for the Pavement Parking Bill

A couple of weeks ago I met Stephen. He is a long cane user who unfortunately comes across pavement parking all the time. He told me how he’s injured himself by walking into the car wing mirrors of pavement parked cars. Stephen isn’t alone. Since I started at Guide Dogs we’ve always had a steady stream of people sadly telling us similar stories. It’s exactly why I care so much about our Pavement Parking campaign - because everyone has the right to walk safely down the pavement.

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There are less than 6 weeks to go until MPs debate the Pavement Parking Bill! That may sound like a long time, but trust me, time will fly by! The Bill covers England and Wales and would ensure pavement parking is only allowed on a few, specially designated streets - like has been the case in London since the 1970s. The idea is to make pavement parking the exception not the norm.

But the process of turning a Bill into a law is complicated. The Pavement Parking Bill is a Private Members Bill, which basically means an MP, in this case Simon Hoare MP, has the opportunity to put forward a Bill about anything they choose. Simon Hoare MP chose pavement parking because he recognised how big an issue it is.

The next key date for the Bill is Friday 4th December. This is when the Bill has its ‘second reading’ where MPs will have the chance to debate it and, so long as time doesn’t run out, vote on it too. It’ll need to be voted on in order for it to reach the next step towards becoming a law. Some MP’s may try to ‘talk out’ the bill. What this means is they will deliberately give overly long speeches to ensure the debate runs out of time. This is where the number 100 becomes important.

If we can get 100 MPs present at the second reading then they can call for a ‘closure motion’. A closure motion would force a vote, allowing the bill to be voted on, and hopefully, passed on to the next stage towards becoming law.

Now, you might find yourself thinking- there are 650 MPs, getting 100 to turn up doesn’t sound so bad? Our biggest barrier to securing our 100 MPs is that 4th December is a Friday. MP’s traditionally return to their constituencies on a Friday to spend their weekend doing local work. And so the challenge is clear, we need to persuade 100 MPs to stay in Westminster on Friday 4th December and support the Pavement Parking Bill if we are to have any hope of making this a law.

This is where your help is vital! If you haven’t already done so, please email your MP and ask them to back the bill! It only takes a couple of minutes but could make all the difference! As I’m sure you will appreciate we need every MP we can to support this bill so please ask yours to be part of the 100 on 4th December!

Thank you so much for your help!


Sydney, 8:55pm Sun 1 Nov 2015:

As a disabled person who is compelled (like so many others in your constituency) to use a Mobility Scooter to pursue a reasonably normal life, I ask you to support the second reading of Simon Hoare MPs Pavement Parking Bill on Friday 4th December. It is vital, in the best interests of so many disabled & blind people that this Bill & when it is eventually passed into law, in order to make life easier and safer for us.

Robin, 9:08pm Thu 29 Oct 2015:

Parking on the pavement is rife even in my small residential estate. Apart from walking into the vehicle, avoidance causes extra risk if you need to step into the road, it also causes disorientation, I got lost in my own street and walked over several gardens till I found the path. Stop them now.

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