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The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Hello, again dear readers.

I have, on many occasions, mentioned how having Commando at my side enables me to pay more attention to the world around me.  As well as meaning that I can enjoy things such as bird song or pleasant smelling greenery, I have found that I can also pick up useful navigational information from, of all things, the ground.

In a previous post, I mentioned how factors such as touch, sound and smell could aid in helping us to find certain places when we are out and about.  But in some cases what can be felt underfoot can also be helpful.  Such clues can often be extremely subtle and easily missed, especially when attention is focused on other areas.

The potential usefulness of what was underfoot as an aid to navigation was first pointed out to me during my pre-guide dog training.  We were covering a route and were approaching a turn.  I had wondered aloud how best to find the turn, aside from sweeping out with my cane, and my instructor at the time pointed out that just before the turn there was an almost ramp like dip in the ground.  I had walked that route many times previously and had never once registered the presence of what was described.  But the second I knew to look for it I felt it, and upon moving slightly back and going over it a couple of times I found myself wondering how on earth I had never noticed it before.

Craig and Commando walking down the roadI have found that ever since Commando and I started working together I have become much more mindful of what is underfoot and whether or not it can be used to aid my navigation. 
I have found a number of other subtle changes underfoot that I have made a note of and found helpful in getting around.  For instance near my parents’ home there is a slight elevation under-foot.  Not long after moving into my own home I found a very slight decline underfoot that exists just before we reach our front gate.  On our route to the post box, there is a slight incline which lets me know that it is time to direct Commando to the curb for a road crossing.  A clue of particular use is another slight incline as we are approaching the second part of crossing the roads into and out of a petrol station.  This is especially helpful as the curbs are extremely low and could potentially be missed in the event of a break in concentration.  

Once I started to become aware of such things, and realized how helpful they could be it surprised me just how many slight navigational cues existed just in my own street! But of equal surprise was the fact that I had never really noticed them before!

As well as these subtle kind of changes there are of course more obvious under-foot clues for navigation such as tactile paving and the changes which can be felt moving from one kind of surface to another.  Tarmac to paving stones for example.  Such a change is certainly noticeable when one is using a cane, moving along from fairly smooth and co-operative tarmac to slightly uneven paving which is just waiting for the chance to snare an unsuspecting cane tip…  But there are other subtle changes to surfaces which can, if you’re looking for them, yield helpful information, for example on a regular route we take there is a slight change in the feel of the surface under-foot which tells me that Commando has indented enough to allow us to cross the road.

I have no doubt at all that it is the fact that I can place so much confidence and trust in Commando’s guiding abilities which has enabled me to become more aware of these under-foot aids to navigation.  After all, the only reason I can spare the concentration to notice such changes is because Commando is doing such a good job of guiding, and even though Commando knows his routes very well and could probably take care of them all without any help from me I still pay close attention to ensure that I can still give Commando the instructions to keep us safe and on track.

Posted on 2:49pm Mon 04 Apr 2016
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The long way around

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Posted on 8:11am Mon 07 Mar 2016
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Photo Call

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Posted on 3:18pm Thu 18 Feb 2016
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An ice surprise

There was a slight byte of frost in the air, which was not too unusual given the time of year. But as we set off there didn’t appear to be any other conditions which could be cause for concern or necessitate the need for me to take extra precautions. Read the full post

Posted on 9:02am Mon 01 Feb 2016
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A year of firsts!

In this post I thought I would take a look back at some of the adventures Commando and I had in 2015. Read the full post

Posted on 1:06pm Fri 15 Jan 2016
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Equality and Diversity road show

I was contacted directly by a representative of the College asking if Commando and I would be willing to attend the College’s annual Equality and Diversity Road-show. Read the full post

Posted on 2:29pm Tue 22 Dec 2015
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The Taste of Freedom

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, having a guide dog by your side makes it possible to undertake all kinds of different journeys be they long or short distance. Guide dog ownership puts the decision about where we go and when we choose to go firmly in our own hands. The trust we have in our dogs means that we are not dependent upon anyone else to get around. As long as we know the route we need to take then we alone can decide on when to take it. Read the full post

Posted on 3:38pm Thu 10 Dec 2015
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All journeys great and small

The ability to be able to get around independently with the help of a guide dog is truly a remarkable thing. It enables those of us who are lucky enough to be guide dog owners to embark upon many different journeys. Be they literal journeys or figurative, such as my own journey through higher education, made possible through having Commando at my side. Read the full post

Posted on 3:00pm Tue 24 Nov 2015
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Guide Dogs People Awards 2015

You may recall that earlier in the year Commando and I attended the regional volunteer awards in Edinburgh, where the work of Guide Dogs volunteers within our region was honoured. At that event, I was there as one of the speakers. However in early September I learned that I had been short listed for an award at the national event! Read the full post

Posted on 2:15pm Fri 06 Nov 2015
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Road works, dog works, partnership works…

Hello again. As I have said before, no two walks are ever completely the same. But having a certain level of routine can be helpful. Knowing when and where you’re likely to cross roads for example. But every now and then something unexpected can turn up which has the potential to cause some problems. Read the full post

Posted on 2:57pm Fri 23 Oct 2015
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