Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Oh Dear

Hello one and all.

I do hope that everyone is well and gradually getting into the spirit of the season.

Commando Xmas Tree 4Last week was Commando and my last week before our Christmas break. Since I was more or less sorted out regarding assignments and so on, I thought it might be nice to try and do something sort of festive on the last day.

The previous day I had noticed a few tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #TextSantaKodakMoment. I had heard that as part of ITV's Text Santa, which this year is donating money to Guide Dogs and five other charities, Kodak would donate £1 for every festive picture that was put on twitter with the above hashtag.

Commando Xmas Tree 2So, dear readers, an idea was born. I remembered that a couple of years ago for my festive post for this blog I took a picture of Commando beside the college Christmas tree. So, I thought to myself, why not try something similar this year and put it onto twitter with that hashtag. I knew there was at least one Christmas tree at the St Peters campus, but given the size of the University I thought there was a good chance that there would be more trees in some of the other buildings. So I decided that I would spend some time on the last day going around the campus and taking as many photos of Commando beside Christmas trees as I could.

We started our quest in the business school, where I knew there was a tree. Commando was sat down beside the tree, and I moved out of shot so the picture could be taken. During this I reminded Commando to stay whilst the picture was taken. In truth, I probably didn’t need to constantly tell Commando to stay, as he seems to rather enjoy having his photo taken. Once we had that shot we then proceeded around the campus, and I must say that I was quite surprised at just how many Christmas trees we found. There was one in every building, all of various sizes and I’ll assume differing decorations.

Commando Xmas Tree 1After each picture was taken, it was uploaded to Twitter with the appropriate hash tag, or so I thought at the time.

Once we had exhausted our supply of trees at the St Peters campus we decided to go that extra mile, quite literally, and head over to the university’s other main campus. There we found a couple more Christmas trees, and again photos were taken and uploaded to Twitter. We then went into the main university library and found another Christmas tree, and a rather ingenious snow-man made out of coffee cups! Needless to say, a photo was taken beside this creative work as well.

Later in the day, feeling rather pleased with my efforts to grab some festive pictures whilst raising a little money for good causes, I checked Twitter and noticed a few other pictures with the hash tag had been uploaded by other people. Just out of curiosity I decided to double-check the spelling of the hash tag, and found, SHOCK HORROR dear readers, I had misspelled Kodak.

Commando Xmas Tree 3I was not at all happy about this. This was primarily because I realised that my uploads probably wouldn’t count in terms of fundraising. So right there and then I began, one-by-one, to re post the pictures, this time with the properly spelled hashtag. This took a little time, as I had to find the correct picture and then type something to go with it and then upload it and start all over again with the next picture. But I eventually got them all uploaded, with the properly spelled hash tag. I doubt that I’ll ever forget how to spell Kodak again.

I hope that you have all enjoyed the story of our little festive adventure, and that you like the pictures we managed to take. It somehow seemed fitting to do this, as without Commando it’s unlikely that I would have ever returned to the university. So it was nice to do something a little different to help give something back.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to take the time to read this blog. I would also like to thank you for your comments, which I always enjoy reading, and to wish you all a very happy festive period and a prosperous and healthy new year.


Ted, 8:42pm Tue 23 Dec 2014:

Great photos, great blog I love reading them thank you.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both.Look forward to reading them nest year.All the best,Ted and Willow [failed guide dog puppy] and Zena [7 months into puppy training]

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