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Ice Cube 300Greetings one and all.

As I’m sure you all know by now I think the world of my boy, and will pretty much give him anything he wants, within reason.  By the same token, his happiness, comfort and welfare are also extremely important to me.

With that in mind, last year, once we started to get that very warm weather I started considering ways to help Commando keep cool, especially after we had come back from a walk.

With that in mind I hit upon the idea of trying him with ice cubes. I thought that they would not only let him have some water, which in the heat is never a bad thing, and that they would help cool him down a little. I wasn’t sure if this would work, as I had tried something similar with Lester during his first summer with us, with no real success, even though I’d gone to the trouble of making them with a certain well known beefy drink brand.

But since every dog is unique I thought I would see what Commando made of the more traditional ice cube experience.  At first though I thought I was going to have a similar result to that which I had with Lester.  I presented the ice cube to Commando, who promptly spent far longer examining it, than was comfortable for me, as it meant me holding the ice cube for over a minute.  In the end I put it down for him and left him to it, hoping that he’d eventually figure out what it was, preferably before it melted.  Now, I’ll be honest here friends, I’m not sure exactly what happened to that first ice cube. I don’t know if Commando consumed it or if it just melted away.

But, since the warm weather showed no signs of letting up, and I still wanted to make sure that I could keep my boy cool, I tried again. This time though the result was very different. This time Commando was quite happy to take the ice cube off my hands, and shortly thereafter I heard the unmistakable sound of an ice cube being crunched into oblivion. At that point I was rather pleased. Oh, if I’d only known what I had started…

As we all know guide dogs are rather clever, and can quickly join the dots in a situation, and so it was with Commando.  Quickly realising that he would get an ice cube after most walks, he quickly began to expect them. It came to the point that even if the weather hadn’t been especially warm, he would come over to me after a walk, and try various things to get my attention, and remind me that perhaps I had forgotten something rather important.  This came to a head one day when, after some subtle but persistent harassment I had gotten up to get something, from the fridge, and realised that Commando was hot on my heels, tail wagging waiting expectantly.  Naturally at that point I joined my own set of dots as it were and realised that he was after his ice cubes!

As the summer went on, I’m convinced that he started to try other tricks to ensure that he got his ice cubes. One of his most amusing ploys was to come over, rest his head on my knee and give a few little pants. In his own way saying “Oh, I’m so warm, look, see my tongues hanging out, and it’s all because I had to take you somewhere...  If you really loved me and appreciated me then you’d give me one of those cold see through things that live in that big rectangular thing near my bowl”.

I’m paraphrasing of course folks, but I’m sure you all know what I mean.  I have to admit that his tactics were usually always successful, unless of course I had forgotten to refill the ice cube tray…


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