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Hello one and all.

Commando at his play date Guide dogs do a very important job, which requires a lot of concentration, and at times a willingness to forgo some of the things that none working dogs would take for granted. Therefore I am always keen for Commando to have time where he can, for want of a better phrase, be more dog…

Although he has a large number of varied toys which he can play with when at home in order to unwind and just have fun, I am always keen for him to have time when he can run around and play with another dog.  Fortunately, Commando does have Lester to play with. But sometimes it’s nice to add a little variety into the mix.

Recently I made arrangements for one of my friends from guide dog training in Edinburgh to visit. I am always glad for a chance to catch up with my friends from that time, but it also provides a chance for the dogs to catch up with their friends as well. When I meet up with my other friend from Edinburgh and her guide dog Annie we are always out and about so there is not really a chance for the dogs to play together. But in this case, there would be a chance for Commando and Winnie to play together.

Regular readers may recall the very spirited play which took place between Commando and Winnie during their reunion last year, so this time I had a good idea what to expect. The day was rather warm, so prior to Winnie and my friends arrival Commando was out on the drive way, relaxing on one of his beds, with me sitting nearby.

Shortly thereafter Winnie arrived, and the games began in earnest…

Since my friend was dropped off by car, just outside my gate, there was not too much of a risk of Commando distracting Winnie. Once she and my friend were through the gate the play began almost immediately. Whilst my friend and I exchanged greetings and sat down outside, the drive way erupted into furious doggy play, with the sounds of paws moving at high speed, the gusts of air as they ran past us, quickly followed by the sounds of newly laid little stones being kicked up as the dogs chased each other around the small areas bordering the drive-way, with no quarter asked or given.

After a few minutes of this small hurricane of doggy play going on outside, we brought the dogs in doors to continue their fun. It is a testament to both dogs that as soon as they saw us moving inside they quickly followed us. Now as Guide Dog owners will know, our dogs are well trained on how to behave when in doors and in houses which are not their own. So I am quite sure that, had we given them the necessary commands they would have both settled down at this point. However, dear readers as you may all recall, I am very much a dog person and am happy to allow doggy play in doors. So I left all of the downstairs doors open and basically left Commando and Winnie to their own devices. But even in their spirited play, they were still following certain rules. There was no attempt to leap on furniture or to take anything which they were not allowed. At one point during this melee when the two of them had oh so briefly stopped for breath I gave them each an ice cube to help keep them cool. The next minute or so saw a race as to which of them could demolish their ice cube the fastest.

The next few hours saw pretty much none-stop play between Commando and his guest. I am pleased to say that he was a very good host, happy to let Winnie investigate his toy box and play with anything she took an interest in, all the while happy to chase and be chased as the situation required.

Naturally my friend and I were also able to have a nice catch up, but we were both very pleased with the fact that our dogs were able to have this chance to unwind and have some fun. It only dawned on me near the very end of the visit, how nice it would have been to try and get a picture of the two of them. But unfortunately I didn’t manage it on this occasion. 

By the end of the visit both dogs were exhausted. I don’t know about Winnie, but I know for certain that Commando was very happy to get his head down and get some sleep after Winnie had departed. But tired as he was, I’m sure that he absolutely loved every minute of his play date with Winnie, and I’m as sure as I can be that Winnie enjoyed herself as well.


winnie, 4:17pm Wed 24 Sep 2014:

Yes Craig I had a great time with commando and slept all the way home a very happy guide dog

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