Spring forward

Hello one and all, and as always, a huge thank you for returning to our blog.

As I’m sure we have all noticed recently, spring has finally sprung. The sun has put in an appearance and the weather is far warmer.

Commando In The Sun

I must admit, spring is one of my personal favourite seasons, warm but not overly so, and at least for the early part, not too many insects buzzing around. By far the nicest thing about spring though is the temperature is more or less perfect for walking with Commando. Of course, we work in just about all weathers, but there’s just something which is even nicer than usual about walking on a nice spring day. It must be something to do with the lack of strong, icy winds, driving rain, or extreme heat, not to mention the lack of fallen leaves on our routes.

This has been especially true recently. Since I have a lot of work to get through at the moment in order to complete university assignments, I have found that nothing invigorates me more than a nice walk with Commando. It makes me ready to take on the work and clears my head once the day’s work is done. Going out into the fresh air, with the sun on us, with the sounds of the birds singing and the smell of flowering plants is truly a wonder. So much so that I have actually slowed Commando’s pace intentionally so that we can make our journeys last that little longer and make the most of the lovely weather. Although regular readers will know that Commando loves to move at speed, he doesn’t seem to be minding this slower pace all that much, so perhaps he likes spring as much as I do.

Of course walking with Commando also helps to, as I’ve mentioned before, keep things in perspective and reminds me of what is truly important. Recently I was at my local mobility team office and for the first time since I was matched with Commando I crossed paths with the gentleman who conducted my pre guide dog training. Regular readers will recall what this training involved and how helpful I found it in preparation for guide dog ownership. When the gentleman, who had told me many times just how much more enjoyable getting around would be with a guide dog, asked how things were going, my response was “it’s everything you said it would be.”

This nice weather also has benefits for Commando’s play times as well. Nice weather means nice dry grass, so he and Lester can now play happily in the gardens. Additionally, since I am currently on Easter break, which of course is no break for me really. It means that we can squeeze in some extra free runs for my boy. In addition, he has returned to one of his springtime sun bathing spots in the passage beside the stairs, which not only gives him sunshine through the windows, but also affords him a chance to be nosey and see what’s going on in the world around him, by spying through the front door window.

So, yes, dear readers. I would say that spring with a guide dog is indeed a wonderful thing.


Craig, 9:03am Fri 1 May 2015:

Hi Ella. I'm so pleased that you like the blog, and that you've taken what will be a life changing decision to apply for a guide dog. I'm afraid I'm not a teacher. Just a very busy final year University student. However I can confirm that there are teachers out there with varying levels of sight loss. So I wish you every success in your plans, and I have no doubt that a guide dog will help you to achieve them. Just as Commando has helped me.

Ella, 8:50am Sat 18 Apr 2015:

Hello Craig, I have just started to read your blog and it has given me a lot to look forward to in the future, as I am currently on the waiting list for a guide dog. I was wondering from your comment that Easter isn't really a break for you, are you a teacher? As this is one of my aspirations and I wondered if I could ask you some questions regarding training etc? Many thanks and best wishes Ella

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